i2pfox is an anonymity-optimized firefox made by ‘SuckMyNuts’.

I just tested the Windows version, and I am very impressed. You can get it at http://i2pfox.i2p. For the Windows version you need also Firefox Portable. Just copy a certain folder in the Firefox Portable directory and that’s it. But this is described more clearly in the Readme file that comes with the installation.

i2pfox screenshot

i2pfox screenshot

SuckMyNuts has bookmarked some often-used sites and the proxy is already preconfigured.

The essence of i2pfox is in its plugins:

  • Add N Edit Cookies: You can edit any cookie that you have got.add-n-edit-cookies
  • Block Site: You can block unwanted websites.
  • Cookie Monster: Similar to Add N Edit Cookies, thus deactivated by default
  • CustomizeGoogle: With this plugin you can block advertisements in google and add results of other search engines to google. For me it didn’t work, because the i2p outproxy modifies some informations like country and language code to gain more anonymity, so google thinks I am French. Maybe this plugin only runs together with the English google version.
  • Download Statusbar: Adds a download statusbar to firefox so that you can manage your downloads more easily
  • Extend Cookie Manager: Again, a cookie manage tool. Didn’t work for me. I had firefox version 3.0.10 and it said it’s not compatible with my version
  • FireGPG: This is a very useful tool, when you have to deal with GPG encryption. You can manage your keys ands so on.
  • No-Referer: It disables sending the HTTP-referer when oping a new tab. Did not work because of version conflict.
  • NoScript: You can configure wich site are enabled to run Java Script, Java, and other plugins.
  • Tiny Menu: As you can see in the screenshot, it unites the firefox menu to one entry

The combination of  disabling Java Script and disabling cookies makes you really more anonymous. Alone the fact that all i2p-related bookmarks are added and that the proxy is set as default, makes i2pfox worth installing. It is better anyway to use two browsers: one for I2P and one for the normal internet since you don’t have to change proxy settings every few minutes.

Sorry that i have used Windows for the screenshot and for testing, but i don’t have access to a Linux computer at the moment.



  1. […] a directory you choose. I only tested the Linux version with ubuntu. All the plugins as described here come in their newest versions, and, when you compare version 5 and 6, InfoRss, wich enables you to […]

  2. User said

    Was it necessary to put this proxy software on an I2p site? I mean, I want the plugin so I can GET to those kinds of sites, but I need to already have the proxy working to get the plugin?!?

    Sure, if I configured it the hard way I could get this app, but then if I configured it the hard way I wouldnt need the easy way?!?!!

    Please put this up on the pirate bay or some place a bit more accessible than here.

    • Noone said

      ^ Damn, he’s right! 😀

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