i2pfox version 6 released

Yesterday i2pfox version 6 was released. The most important change is that it comes with an installer that installs a firefox with all the needed plugins and options in a directory you choose. I only tested the Linux version with ubuntu. All the plugins as described here come in their newest versions, and, when you compare version 5 and 6, InfoRss, wich enables you to display RSS feeds in the statusbar, and Torbutton, a plugin for TOR, have been added.

The only disadvantage of i2pfox is, that it’s “close source”. You can only download binaries – so you can’t be sure if it is really so anonymous as the author says. You have to trust him or don’t use it.



  1. I checked out the last version and it seemed to have a few issues (installer issues it seemed).

    Last I looked it appears the i2pfox site is down and has been down for awhile. If I get the time I might update the version prior to the installer and release just the profile for people to check out. If I have enough time I might try to do a howto (have to figure out what all was changed from default).

    If I do I will post it on my blog.

  2. Updated the profile a bit..


    • i2plog said

      i was not able to test it so far because i usually don’t use windows.
      it would be great if somebody continues development of i2pfox.

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