I2P version 0.7.4 released

Some days ago I2P version 0.7.4 have been released. The most important new feature among some bugfixes is the GeoIP support. I2P can now detect from wich country a certain router(-ip) comes. In 0.7.4 it can only used to show nice flags on the Tunnels page, but in the future it can be used to make I2P more performant by choosing only routers that are near me. Or it can be used to gain more anonymity. You can route your traffic around the whole world to make it even more difficult to trace you.

The other cool thing is the UPnP detection. I2P can now open up the ports in a firewall automaticly, so you don’t have to manually forward ports. UPnP can also be used to find out your ip addresss.


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