Did you know?

That you can surf eepsites through the normal internet?

Simply add “.to” to the domain. E.g. http://forum.i2p becomes http://forum.i2p.to.

That you can make the webinterface accessible from network?

Open clients.config in your I2P root directory. Look into the first few lines and make it look like this:

clientApp.0.args=7657 ./webapps/

Warning: Your routerconsole is now accessible from your network. If you don’t sit behind a NAT (internet router) or you are running on a rent server the webinterface will become accessible from the internet.

That there are detailed statistics about the network?

You can see at http://stats.i2p detailed statistics about the I2P-network. There are some that are mainly interesting for developers but also some for average mortals :-). You can find out how many routers are up at the moment and how many routers were connected to the network last month and wich versions of I2P they are using. Have a look at it.

That there are search engines within I2P?

I know two search engines: eepsites.i2p and yacysearch.i2p

That there is a kind of newspaper in I2P?

It is unfortunately in German but for some of you this is no problem: http://ojay.i2p


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