Installing I2P and first steps


First get the newest version of i2p here. You can choose between 3 different installation types: a graphical installer, headless install and sourcecode. If you use windows or linux with a graphical interface, pick the first one.  On headless machines e.g. on rent servers without a monitor choose the headless install. The sourcecode package is only for those, who know what they do.

If you want to, you can also check the files wether something went wrong with the download or they were manipulated. The easiest way is to check the SHA1 hash. Linux users only have to sha1sum i2pinstall_0.*. Compare it with the  one that is published on the download page

I2P is completely written in Java (only some crypto-stuff is written in assembler) thus you need a Java RE. Both OpenJRE and Oracle’s will work.

On windows it should do a doubleclick on the and the installation program should start. With linux start the file withjava -jar i2pinstall_0*.exe.

First steps

Start I2P by clicking on the icon on your desktop. After some seconds your browser should open automaticly the status console. Now you have to set some options so that I2P works properly.



  1. Foo said

    Could you please add the need of verifying the data by gpg or md5sum? If you want to be anonymous you need trusted software 😉

  2. i2plog said

    so i should describe on this page, how to check the i2p install files with md5sum? i think i did not understand you correctly.

  3. Foo said

    Sorry, I meant that it should be advised to check the integrity of the file, preferable by verifying the gpg signature, before unpacking or installing it.

  4. i2plog said

    just updated the page. i have only written about sha1 (btw: i am not very familar with gpg)
    if you want, write how it works (best would be in a publishable language) and i’ll add it to the page

  5. Foo said

    gpg signature verification requires the use of public keys which might be difficult for unexperienced users, nevertheless it’s the best method (as long as the signing key is not compromised).
    I would just link on a howto and mention it in the text, examples: (see step 3)

  6. The hIDDEN said

    Hier gibt es übrigens das deutsche I2P-Handbuch, das noch einen Tick ausführlicher auf die Installation und Konfiguration von I2P eingeht:

  7. i2plog said

    i added the link to my blogroll

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