Configuring I2P

I2P will work with a firewall and without one. But it’s much faster if you open port 8887 UDP and TCP in your firewall/NAT/internet modem. For more details and further configuration see http://localhost:7657/config.jsp.

It is also important that you set bandwith limits. You can do that at http://localhost:7657/config.jsp. You have to know how fast your internet connection is. To find this out check out the webinterface of your  internet modem or if you still don’t know the speed take a web-based speed test (choose one near to you). Essentially for I2P is the up-bandwith, but most connections have less up than down :-(. When you are using I2P at home I recommend to share all your traffic. I2P won’t use the whole every time. It will only use it when it is needed – by others or by you. Most people don’t use their up-traffic. Surfing is almost only down-traffic and i never had problems running I2P with those settings. When you contribute more bandwith to the network (up-bandwith), you are more anonymous, because you route also traffic for other people and this creates “noise” on your connection. This makes it even more difficult to find out wich traffic is your own and wich one is from other people. By the way it also helps the network when you contribute more, because it is faster for all.

Bandwith share percentage sets the limit how much of the bandwith I2P uses comes from others (participating tunnels).



  1. echelon said


    Just to note: now it is a random port, choosed on first start of I2P – no more port 8887!

  2. i2plog said

    hi echelon.
    thank you for visiting my site.
    i will update this site. especially this page, as it doesn’t descripe UPnP yet and many other new features. i also want to write some new articles….

  3. Denis Bowden said

    I am in a big mess. I installed I2P. I could not find a site that would let me download I2PFox. My level of expertise is pretty low key. I was running the latest version of firefox with the portable version preloaded with the tor button but I disabled it to load I2P.

    I have no idea what to do next. Firefox will not let me do a manual configuration and, I could not configure port forwarding because I did not know what address to fill in under custom sites.

    Maybe I should stick to Tor. I was going to pay for a VPN until I saw this and thought I would try it out but I guess I am too much of a Klutz to proceed further unless you can help me out. Cheers, Denis

  4. Jacob Law said

    I found it. It was top of the search list “download I2PFox”

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